The utilitarian approach towards reduction, purism and concise tailoring, are imperative to Lucio Vanotti. It is this rational proposition of fabrics, surfaces and textures that shaped the contours of illusive design. The resulting crisp silhouette is one of efficiency and mathematical precision, sleek, clean and understated.
It is in this balanced simplicity, a reflection on inner turmoil and the aptly surfacing editing process manifests itself.

Lucio Vanotti aims to subtract garments from the ever turning wheels of seasonal time, allowing for a personal take on timeless sartorial awareness. For this eponymous line, a carefully monitored semi-artisanal production process, set entirely in italy, henceforth became a necessary condition for the final garments.

Each collection introduces a myriad of interchangeable silhouettes, both for male and female dressers. Pieces can be rearranged at will, further underlining the suggestive play between form and stern function.

Lucio Vanotti strives for a utilitarian approach to genteel design, stripping it of all ornamental elements. It is this fading or avoiding of certain detailing, that is pivotal to the collections composed momentum of suspension in time and space. Henceforth, his work symbolizes a return to innocence, to the grains of the fabric, their tessellate geometry, calmly enveloping our bodies. In this newfound purity, garments sway between second and third dimensions, seams and structure, ever so darting around our corporal interaction.

Lucio Vanotti stands for dry muted structures, noted for their subtle embellishments, alluding to highly sensory eternal silhouettes.